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Discover Our Custom Solutions.

IT Babar combines Design Sprint, innovation in the business model, and software development to anticipate your future needs.

IT Babar : Development services to shape your project ideas and support digital transformation
Custom Development

From ideation to market launch, we accompany you at every stage of your product development

IT Babar offers end-to-end solutions, covering every aspect of your project lifecycle.
end-to-end Solutions

Comprehensive solutions in Mobility and Insurtech, ready to be tailored to your needs

IT Babar's API Integration Solutions: optimize your products  for seamless functionality.
API Integration

Save time and boost your business with our ready-to-use API integration solution

Explore IT babar algorithm-based solutions designed to enhance and optimize various projects

Free yourself from repetitive tasks by automating processes with our specialized algorithms

Discover IT Babar IA and deep learning solutions for cutting-edge project advancements
Artificial Intelligence

Leverage the power of AI to optimize your business with our solutions, ready to be implemented in your operations

Web & Mobile platfroms
Our comprehensive end-to-end platforms drive your success forward

Transforming innovative concepts into technological realities, pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology

Enhance your projects with our mobility solutions, ensuring smooth and efficient experiences
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Explore an innovative mobility platform with a diverse range of drivers, featuring tracking, payment, planning, and more

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Discover our Insurtech solutions designed to bring technological advancements to the insurance sector
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Simplify claims management effortlessly: report accidents with photos only , automatic report generation, and inclusion of all involved parties

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Explore our marketplace solutions, tailored to amplify the reach and functionality of your products
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Revolutionize the automotive market with our innovative marketplace, offering a unique process for selling various types of vehicles—more than just a marketplace

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Improve project efficiency with our logistics and transportation IT babar solutions for seamless operations
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Discover our intelligent platform for effective after-sales service management and mission tracking, tailored for delivery logistics, freight transport, retail operations, and vehicle delivery

Component & API
Flexible and scalable solutions for seamless deployment

Expert guidance from concept to market launch, utilizing tailored solutions for your product's unique journey

Vehicle inspections
AI-powered vehicle assessments for precision and efficiency
Discover IT babar IA vehicle inspection solutions, ensuring comprehensive and smart inspection processes
Tailored tracking solutions for efficient business operations
Explore IT babar tracking solutions for projects requiring accurate and efficient tracking functionalities.
Revolutionize education with our advanced E-learning solutions
Elevate your projects with IT babar e-learning solutions designed for engaging and impactful learning experiences.
Chat & Support
Enhance customer satisfaction with our seamlessly integrated support and chat features
Explore IT babar chat and support solutions, providing efficient and reliable communication channels for your projects
Vehicle condition reports
Digital documents for thorough vehicle assessments, pre and post-use
Enhance your servive with IT babar digital vehicle assessment solutions for thorough and efficient inspections.
Effortlessly add e-signatures to your digital documents for a secure and streamlined process
Explore IT babar e-signature solutions for secure and efficient document signing in your projects
Explore multiple accessible technologies to drive your success

Guiding you through the ever-changing tech landscape to strategize effectively for your products

Unlock the power of OCR for seamless document processing
3D / AR
Enhance user engagement with 3D and AR visualization
Fraud detection
Stay ahead with proactive fraud prevention solution powered by AI and algorithms
Scoring system
Dynamic scoring and review system
Dispatch system
Optimize operations with an efficient dispatch system
Transparent pricing strategies for flexible business solutions
Secure your transactions with convenient wallet solutions
Bonus & discount system
Boost engagement with an integrated bonus and discount system
Empower Your Business with Robust and Scalable Solutions Using the Latest Technologies

Uncover Innovations in Software and Technology Fueling Our Solutions—Igniting Excellence in Every Work Dimension. These Cutting-Edge Technologies and Languages Enable Our Developers to Craft High-Quality Applications Tailored to Your Product's Unique Needs

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Turning Visions into Reality: Transforming Great Ideas into Innovative and High-Performance Digital Products

Technical Expertise

Our team has a deep understanding of the latest technologies, ensuring cutting-edge solutions

Tailored solutions

Each solution we develop is specifically tailored to the needs of our customers


We are at the forefront of technological innovation and integrate the latest advances to improve your operations

Custome Service

We stay by your side after deployment to ensure optimal functioning of our solutions

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